Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Table Decorations and all things Charity Concert

Hi Everyone.

Hope all is good in your world.

Well I was back at work after the long weekend today but only have three days to do before I am off for two weeks on holiday. These next couple of days will be busy busy busy to ensure everything is up to date. There is nothing worse than leaving loads of work for others to pick up.

So what do the subjects mean in the heading tonight?

The charity concert is something I am rehearsing with my Soroptimist International club friends. We are doing a medley of  WW2 songs with actions and costume changes. I can't say it is going well at the moment but I am sure we will get there before the 18th of September. You never know I may post a video.

Back to crafting, I have mentioned being a member of Soroptimist International well I am always being asked to come up with something creative for table decorations in charity events and dinners. Tonight I am going to share with you some I made for our annual Alternative Grand National Ladies Day. I think these are my favourites of all time.

There were 20 heads in total and each had a different arrangement of silk flowers.

So simple but really effective

Hope you have enjoyed what I have had to share with you tonight.

Take care

Gill xx

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