Thursday, 3 September 2015

Holidays Are Coming

No not Christmas although I have made a start on it!

I am off on my jolly's next week so last night after work we went shopping and money changing to Euro's. By the time I got in and had a meal I was bushed and went to bed. My first though this morning "oh no I didn't blog last night"

So whats on tonight in my word. I am picking up 29 dies from a friend. Her Mum was a crafter and like all us crafters she bought and bought and then sadly passed away before getting to use all the dies she had bought. After several months my friend had the strength to have a sort out and asked me if I would like the dies. I only hope that my creations will do her lovely Mum justice. I will of course share all the creations I make with you.

So tonight I am sharing a few pages of a scrap book I made for my friend to give her son and daughter in law on the day of their wedding 3 years ago. We went to Crete for the wedding and enjoyed ourselves so much we are all going back next week to celebrate their third anniversary and the impending birth of their first baby boy.

First baby pictures

They were both Cadets as teenagers (ATC and Army)

They both love their cars.

Although they lived hundreds of miles apart it was fate that they met and fell in love. 

Oh well I am off to get my dies........until tomorrow

Take care

Gill xx

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