Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Much Needed Sort Out and a Commissioned Card

Well  the cards are dropped off with Bon and the great news is she has a hairdresser friend who is also interested in stocking my cards so things really are looking up.

When I settled down last night I thought I would have a "quick" sort out of my ribbon box into some super noodle boxes from Asda. This is what the mass of ribbon looked like at 19:30 last night.

At 23:30 last night I gave up and went to bed only to pick up again when I got up this morning........... Eventually here is the result.

Much tidier and now I can see what there is I am much more likely to use ribbon more.

Once that was done it was time to make a special card for a colleagues wife. The brief was 1920's images with a bi-plane as the couple are flying to Australia on the wife's  birthday. Here is the result

I made this card using my tried and trusted Joanna Sheen Fashion Boutique CD, a copy right free picture I found on Google Images and some cream and brown card and paper flowers I had in my crafty stock. It is an A5 sized card. I love this style it was such a special time for fashion and design.

That is me for today I really must go and get ready as my husband and I are taking my lovely mum-in-law out for tea for her birthday.

Take care

Gill xxx

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  1. Beautiful card Gill. Love the layout and the design of the card is lovely.

    Linda xxx


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