Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I've Done It

Well here I am again, the New Years resolution is holding out so far and guess what I have put a few bits for sale on my ETSY shop so keep you fingers crossed.

I am still itching to get all sorts done to the point where I don't know were to start first.

I went back to work today and could not believe how busy I was, I didn't even get time to have a lunch and a little blog hop.

Anyway this is just a quick one tonight so I will finish with pics of what I have put on ETSY

The first is a bandanna bib and burp cloth. I have also made a little pink one but need to photograph that one

These two cushions are really funky. I spotted the material in IKEA yesterday and just couldn't resist because I knew they would appeal to my daughters age and guess what she loved them.

Night night for now, I'll be back soon now I am getting the blogging

Gill xx

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  1. Love the cushions Gill. The baby bandana bib and burp cloth look great too.

    Linda xxx


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