Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm Back

Well here I am again after over 2 and a half years giving blogging another go, thanks to Linda Simpson and trying to remember what to do.
I have continued to craft on a daily basis and will do so forever.......
So what has happened in the time I have been away? Well I now have a second Grandson, my gorgeous, funny and cute little Isaac. I have had my house renovated and have a lovely little crafting area under the stairs in our open plan living room. Oh and my oldest daughter got married.
I am still working full time and still love it as I have lovely friends in work and I still love socialising.
So all in all apart from Isaac being born and Jeni getting married things are still the same!

Anyways let me share some of my makes with you.

Hope you like them. Stay tuned as I will be posting again tomorrow

Take Care

Gill xxx

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