Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Craft Area

Hi Everyone,

I have had a lovely few days away with my husband, Paul in the Last Drop Village and even managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done. Now I am home to the upheaval of updating my craft area so I thought I would share with you what it looks like now. Of course as soon as it is all done and gorgeous I will post some pics to make you all jealous!

Rather than be cut off in the spare room I have set up under the stairs in our living room. It is a great little area but looks a tip most of the time so I am having some lovely cupboards put in with a large L shaped working area and shelving above. I am going to treat myself to stacks of matching storage boxes so it all looks lovely and tidy. (I am taking bets on how long it will look tidy for)

I also want to share something I love making nearly as much as cards and I have had the pleasure of making two in the past week.

Nappy Cakes, I think these are lovely presents for the new baby. As well as nappies they have a full layette, burp cloths, blanket and toys.

That's me for tonight folks, off to start the mammoth sort out....wish me luck

Take care

Gill xxxx


  1. These look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your new craft area too. Happy that you and Paul had a lovely time too, we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping too ;)

    Linda xxx

  2. Oh wow can't wait to see it when finished. Love you baby gifts x

  3. Superb Craft space, looking forward to being Jealous, LOL..I am hoping to start my Christmas shopping today, fingers crossed. Love the Nappy cake, hugs xxx

  4. Great craft space .. And fab baby bundle gifts, Px


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